Telescope3D: Positioning & Stabilization

Total System Positioning & Stabilization

more coming soon...

Hardware Sensing

Derived from CCD Optics:

  • 2D Imaging: "obvious" positions marks, usually requires "clear skies, etc." -- simliar to the "star mask" techniques
  • 2D Imaging & Processing: 2D image analysis can detect more subtle differences caused by position change.
  • 3D shifts emulating "laser-gyro" positions

    Hardware configurations include alternative geometry spherical forms with attached CCDs. (renderings coming)

    @any given time slice the rest of the sensors "unused for imaging" can be applied towards positioning & stabilization.

    positioning sensing

    Additional dedicated devices can be used for triangulation GPS/APRS, and other networks can be used for initial calibration.


    position control

    ambient position control

    Hardware Tools
    Like most of Telescope3D, hardware control is also modularized, and swappable for different designs schemas.
          vm-positioning-stablization (virtual and physical device control for positioning & stablization)

    The cellular CCD hardware control tools also provide feedback for Positioning & Stablization:
    cell-hardware-current.tgz (menu skeleton)

    4D Lense: pov-alt.geospheres

    This modular component uses POV-Ray to visualize and pov-plot to graph spinning alternative spherical forms (such as geodesic spheres). In addition to the 4D-Lense component of povgen-vm-cells, further application includes:
  • position sensing *
  • "ambient" position control *
  • stablization control *
  • beyond 4D and into hyperspace with quiver
  • *with feedback for tuning & calibration

    cellular interferometry positioning and stablization