pov-alt.geospheres is based on a non-existent usenet group, it creates "alternative" geometric forms, the most popular being the dymaxion sphere, but also hoberman spheres, radiolarians (www.radiolaria.org), diatoms, spring/string/sprial forms, and whatever else is dug up...

pov-alt.geospheres generates POV-Ray code including 3D visualization and feedback for vm-cell-povgen.

from pov-alt.geospheres.tgz (package release under construction):
      -spherespin.pl ...in progress (a perl script to rotate and render spheres in pov based on 3spherescolor.pov file)
      -povdishgen.pl, generates dish points
      -povdymaxiongen.pl (-- povdymaxiongen.tgz -- starter package in progress, part of povsynergeticsgen.tgz, see below)
        generates dymaxion style spheres from strings of smaller spheres (also blobs & cylinders version coming)
      (alpha version uses datasets from: Constructing Polyhedra from Repelling Points on a Sphere: a really nice set of python scripts for creating Polyhedra employing random generation for increased precision)

       Dymaxion shots & models..., also 4D Lense Galleries 1, 2 & 3
        - "integrity" sphere & csg with spheres

        synergetics generations (further transformations beyond 60-sided dymaxion spheres)
                - povsynergeticsgen.pl, (povsynergeticsgen.tgz, another starter package in development)

       Hoberman generation
       prototype deviation from dymaxion generator

       more 'starburst' generation w/ga elements
       dymaxion starburst

       spring spiral generation & superstrings

       also see ga growth schema

GUI development includes graphing with pov-plot
      -graphing 4D data for the "4D-Lense" effect
      -graphing 4D+ effects from the spheres tensigrity relationships -- but in this case, not just the tensegrity between 3D architectural elements, but the pushing and pulling, or compression and tension, in hyper-dimensional, "4D+", space  (also see: quiver).

4D Lense Galleries (Wireframes, Renderings, & .pov objects)

more sources: morphographic.com: GalleryRadiolarian, Radiolaria.org; bio oriented: Radiolaria - Droplet - Microscopy of the Protozoa, The Rad Page; 3D Modelling & Animation Links: more synergetics resources, 3D Model page (includes index of Telecope3D modelling)

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Telescope3D : Cellular: vm-cell: povgen
Telescope3D : Cellular: vm-cell: cell generation
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