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construction and components of spherical forms

cylindrical and sphere-based "joints"

sphere based cylindrical joint intersection

"strut" joints (CSG used here)

pentagon strut 2 cylinder joint
hexagon strut 2 cylinder joint

pentagon strut 3 cylinder joint

hexagon strut 3 cylinder joint

triangle components & assemblies


"struts" for spherical forms

pentagonstrut.pov (rectangular strut)
pentagonstrutcyl.pov (cylindrical strut)

hexagonstrut.pov (rectangular strut)
(cylindrical strut)

(angled hexagonal cylindrical strut)

cylindrical strut "nodes"

cylindrical pentagon strut "node"
rendering of cylindrical pentagon strut "node"

cylindrical spindles & struts(csg used here)

angled pentagonal spindle
angled pentagonal spindle in pentagonal strut

angled hexagonal spindle

angled hexagonal spindle in hexagonal strut

strut variants

 sources: GalleryRadiolarian,

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