Telescope3D: Cells: Synthesis

Cellular (CCD) Synthesis   -   ajax based synthesis & GUI design

cell data synthesis process (2n)

Cell Synthesis (click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)
  sensor topology
  3D mask generation
   - control over time
   - cell combinatorics and synthesis loops
   - ga metrics (fitness, ...)
  real time cell synthesis
   - ga metrics (fitness, ...) & feedback for tuning

  accuracy metrics: variability of emitter, control media

Synthesis Process
nodal 9x9
grid used for
visualization here
        x86 nasm assembly code
(time stamped) cell layer combinatorics
mask generation
fitness comparison

cell layers + mask
ideal lens image of R/T control*

cell layers
ideal lens image of
corresponding control
     synthesis level selection

Experiment Zero ideal lens synthesis

* ideal lens accuracy
screenshot of ncurses nodal version shows terms.
synthesis combinatoric popup rev #1

GA Nodes: Nodal Networking
network flow chart

udp packet
& (re-)merging

c bootstrap udp packet example with ga-html datagram wrappers for handling data flow between multi ccd /dev courses and processing clusters

   download coming: ganodes-image-segmenting-current.tgz, includes above example for network based ccd cellular merging and segmenting

hardware framework for merging & segmenting the cells
   segmented i/o
   - from CCD circuit
   - from CCD chip
   - fibre connectors
   - bottlenecks

distribution of segmentation over cells and within cell areas detailed in gallery 4 & 5 for total array(s)

pixel in 3D + frequency & amplitude

NetPBM PAM tuples

<--------- tuple
<--------- tuple
<--------- tuple

~ color hue gradient

brightness gradient


holo cubes encompass 4D +: voxels in 3D space, time (4D), plus other sub-atomic, quantum, hyperspace, and superstring phenomena input.

Holographic selections from chaos include high fitness voxel/pixel synthesis instances from "more non-local" points based on a large and highly variable control set over time.

evolution of ccd cell and feedback detailed in
cell sensor gallery includes:
 - flat cells
 - curved cells
 - molecular, grown cells (via feedback)

vm-cell-synthesis-gtk2+-current.tgz (gtk2+ version, framework only, in progress)
  vmcell-gimp2-plugin-current.tgz (gimp plugin in development) (screenshot)
  vm-cell-synthesis-ncurses-current.tgz (ncurses text-based version, includes synthesis)(screenshot)(nodal screenshot)
  nodal processing in progress, also see GA Nodes: Segmenting for parrot version

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