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dish structure struts

"parabolic" sections of spheres

pentagonal spindle base with hexagonal offshoots

dish shaped arrays

dish point generators:
plots coordinates on a dish surface, used to position sensors in a dish shaped sensor array

rotation of sensor element in array based on dish foci and distant celestial points

dish sensor <-> sphere components

dish sensor element arrays for spherical faces (Dish Designs)

"smooth" hemisphere & parabolic dish vs. segmented plates

smooth sphere based hemisphere "dish"

smooth sphere based parabolic "dish"

parabolic hexagonal sensor array

parabolic cubic sensor array

forming arrays from sensors

linking individual sensors (vm-cell)

linking individual sensor pivots and movement in array

assembled hexagonal sensor element (with movement and pivots) as array component

detail of sensor's movement and pivoting components in array

coupling sensor dish to sphere "face" (sphere struts, etc)

"rod"-like components

array coupling & movement control (ambient & otherwise)

array coupling & rotation pivots

LINK to double use of unused sensors for stablization and positioning control

anim: motion of dish during sphere movement

defining detection areas for I/O segmentation and processing

 sources: GalleryRadiolarian,

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