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Galleries: Gallery4 : sensors & sensor components (couplers, movers & pivots)

sensor element with segmented I/O output
basic sensor shapes

square sensor
hexagonal sensor

evolution of ccd cell and feedback detailed in cell sensor gallery
 - flat cells
 - curved cells
 - molecular, grown cells (via feedback)

sensor coupling types cell-to-cell coupling and coupling edge cells to struts, also see coupling arrays

flat cells

curved cells

molecular growth options

I/O circuitry

defines cell areas via feedback for rotation and I/O

sensor movement control (ambient and otherwise) details

sensor "containment" apparatus for rotation and position control

square/box containment (for traditional & stripped flat cells)
  hex/polygonal containment (for traditional, stripped flat, and curved cells)

morphalogical containment (for molecular growth cells)

rotation of sensor element(s) in dish array based on dish foci and distant celestial points

sensor rotation: axis pivots details
sensor <-> dish attachment: rod details assembled hexagonal sensor element (with movement and pivots)

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