Telescope3D & Microscope3D are currently being derived from photonic computing configurations

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        Telescope3D enables cellular electromagnetic (EM) and other types (including gravitational waves (GW) ) of sensors and sensor arrays, with genetic algorithms threaded into the code structure.

hardware: hardware dervived from CCD components and photonic crystals growing holographic hypercomputing clusters with GA Chaos.
software & embdedded devices: modules (text based, ncurses, small gtk+ GUIs, etc) are being unified with ajax, and streamlined with framebuffer GUIs for touchscreen embedded devices.
network: plug and plug telescope LANs and WANS.
future development: em projected sensor beds

(c) GNU GPL & GNU Free Documentation License, Freeware, S.A. Thigpen.

  • vm-cell (cellular interferometry)
       • vm-cell-synthesis, vm-cell-gen, vm-cell-povgen
       • Holo Cubes & voxel selection with chaos
  • ajax sensor combinatorics with ga controls
  • Experiments: CCD Cellular
  • modelling molecular > nanoscale > quantum resolution lenses
        • 4D Lense & 4D Lense Galleries with wireframes, renderings and .pov objects
        • pov.alt-geospheres
  • Celestial Mapping, including the Dymaxion Projection
  • Intelligent System Control & Calibration
  • Intelligent Positioning & Stabilization Control
  • (CCD) Sensor Device Tuning
  • Quanta Dilation & Microscope3D with qtime()
  • Filters & Adaptive Optics (AO):
      • Optic Resonance Noise Filter
      • Atmospheric Compensation
      • Space Weather Compensation
  • Plug-in Support for Interferometry Types
  • References
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